Who are Moving Picture Hire?

We are a small film and TV hire company specialising in affordable grip equipment. Our flagship kit being our MPH cable dolly.
Moving the camera creates change in parallax, this gives your images depth and a sense of 3D. Our grip equipment aims to make this task simpler and help open up your creativity.

Our History

MPH equipment has been evolving on the job for the last 25 years. Veteran cameraman Gavin Thurston has used most proprietary grip equipment in the business but was often frustrated by how over engineered, complicated and heavy a lot of gear was. In order to rectify these issues Gavin set about designing and building lightweight solutions. As many of his designs came together Moving Picture Hire Ltd was formed in 2010 in league with his son Tom. We now offer this equipment for hire which is lighter to lift and transport, quick to set up and has already achieved award winning results.

Simple to use

Our kit can be picked up and used by most people with a technical mind and for even the most creative and artistic technophobes an hour of guidance and tuition is sufficient to get people up and running. We offer and advise training on the use of all our equipment to enable you to get the most from it.


In this era of carbon footprint and health and safety awareness much of our grip equipment is designed to be lightweight without compromise to the results. Our lightweight kit also saves you money when it comes to flying, every piece is under 23kgs (the typical allowable airline weight before excess charges).


We aim to remain competitive on our hire pricing and as a result offer a 4 day week charging policy. We want our equipment to be affordable to all and are able to discuss discounts for long term hire or smaller productions.


As a small company we are reactive and able to be flexible on many levels. We have a small workshop with metalworking mill and lathe, so can adapt much of our gear to specific needs. Much of our kit can be adapted for whatever purpose your imagination conjures.


We offer support 7 days a week for our equipment out on hire. We can sort out most technical issues over the phone and can talk you through operational technique too. We do advise completeing our short training though especially for the cable dolly and motion control kits.

Custom Solutions

We have completed several one off purpose builds and are currently working on a 3D pan tilt rig for our cable dolly system. If you wish to discuss one off design builds please get in touch. For more complex engineering we use excellent and experienced local broadcast engineers.


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