MPH Motion Control

The MPH motion control tracking rig is deceptively simple yet is capable of repeat controlled moves with an accuracy greater than 2mm over a 6 metre track. It can be used with full sized HD cameras for real time moves or in stop frame mode for timelapse or animation. The dolly operates on our MPH straight or curved lightweight tracks also available for hire.

The dolly has been used in over 20 countries for many scenarios. Cleints include BBC, Wild Horizons, IT-Connets, AUDI, Chalon and more.


The recent results from Morocco look stunning.

- Matthew Wright – BBC Producer

The motion control rig was easy to transport and rig, and came within my budget reach. It really lifted the production values of my film by giving me the ability to do beautifully smooth controlled tracking shots on a macro scale.

- Tom Mansfield – cameraman

At last, a quick, simple and very effective field system for tracking timelapse, which gives the old, static shots a new edge and energy.

- Rupert Barrington – BBC Producer and author

MPH Motion Control FAQ

Does it need mains power?

The MPH motion control can run off mains supply but operators would usually run it using the supplied 24v battery packs.

How long does the battery last and how many batteries are supplied?

We supply two 24v batteries with each MPH motion control tracking kit. They are ‘hot swappable’ meaning the track can be run indefinitely.

Does it require training to use the motion control?

Although the MPH motion control tracking kit comes with instructions it is advisable to have one of the MPH team run through its controls in a brief training. However, if you are familiar with the CD100 (Martin Shann box) then its operation is very straightforward.

Book it for your shoot

To take your shoot to the next level and book the MPH motion control tracking kit get in touch today. We have multiple dollies if you wish to cover your event from every angle. Click here to ask us a question or make a booking.