MPH Straight Track

There are many versions of track and dolly out there in the industry and I (Gavin Thurston) have used most of them. I developed this new track and dolly system with a view to it being lightweight and quick to set up but without compromise to the shot. Also in this age of carbon footprint awareness I wanted to reduce the weight of equipment we cart around the world as film crews.

Key Features

  • Quick to rig and de-rig
  • Can be supplied with 150mm bowl
  • Can carry DSLRs up to full size HD cameras
  • Leveling wedges included
  • Ride on square dolly optional
  • Lightweight


- light, quick to assemble, quick to pack. The shots are beautifully smooth and, when used with the motion control motor, you have quality tracking shots.

- Rupert Barrington – Producer and author

The straight track and dolly was easy to transport and rig, and came within my budget reach. I used it with the (MPH) motion control and really lifted the production values of my film by giving me the ability to do beautifully smooth controlled tracking shots on a macro scale.

- Tom Mansfield – cameraman

The recent results from Morocco look stunning.

- Matthew Wright – BBC Producer

MPH Straight track and dolly FAQ

Does it pack down to fly on commercial airlines?

The MPH straight track and dolly comes packed to fly. The 6m track is in one case 2.2m long and weighs 12kgs. The T-dolly, sleepers, levelling wedges, 150mm bowl adapter and spirit level come in a separate bag weighing around 10kgs.

How long does it take to build the track?

The 6m MPH straight track takes about 15 minutes to put together on location. The time to level your track will depend on the terrain.

Book it for your shoot

To take your shoot to the next level and book the MPH straight track and dolly kit get in touch today. We have multiple kits if you wish to cover your event from every angle. Click here to ask us a question or make a booking.