MPH Cable Dolly

This remote controlled cable dolly is motorised and quick to set up. It is capable of producing smooth tracking shots over and through most terrains at speeds of up to 5 metres per second on the level or on slopes of up to 30 degrees. It can be configured to carry any camera from DSLR up to full HD package or 35mm film camera, either with a fixed head or remote pan tilt and roll. Using a microwave video link enables the director and camera operator to monitor the shots. The dolly can also be configured for vertical tracks.

The cable dolly has been used in over 16 countries and in many situations; through forests, over rivers, in ice caves, over festival crowds, through ancient cities, with running horsemen and with remote tribes. Our clients include BBC Bristol, Cardiff and Scotland, Discovery, Red Bull, ChristieHQ, Darlow Smith productions, Wild Horizons, Crossing the Line Films, AGB Films, Mercedes Crescenti Productions and more.

Key Features

  • Rigging time from as little has 30mins
  • Fully remote control drive and pan/tilt
  • Can carry DSLRs up to full size HD cameras
  • General rigging gear included
  • Speeds up to 5 meters per second
  • Climbs up to 30 degrees
  • Full training provided at no cost
  • Runs on 6mm steel cable
  • Video assist available


…so smooth you don’t have to stabilize the shots afterwards!

- Huw Cordy – Series Producer

A cable dolly that is a joy to use. At last! Light, quick and easy to put up (it really is) and produces very stable images. The motorized system and pan and tilt ability means great speed control as well as far more shot options. …..It’s already booked for my next shoot.

- Ben Wallis – Director

This appears to be a quantum leap forwards in cable dolly kit. Rather than spending days of set-up time with the old systems, this can be set up quickly and easily. It produces outstanding shots and increases the options for getting cinematic shots without breaking the budget.

- Rupert Barrington – Producer and author

…an excellent bit of kit for ‘flying a camera’ with his ingenious cable dolly system. AGB films used it for several sequences in their recent BBC Natural World film, “The Wild Places of Essex”. We mounted a RED camera on the cable dolly and found this system quick and easy to assemble. It glides very smoothly. A decently priced solution for getting fabulous shots.

- Andrew Graham-Brown – AGB Films

….ing awesome

- Pip Rush – Arcadia Spectacular

That looks ridiculously smooth… like on a rail or a track.

- Matthew Wright – BBC Producer

MPH Cable Dolly FAQ

Do I need a rigger for my shoot?

Once you have completed our short training session you should be able to rig the cable dolly single handed. Generally if you are comfortable and competent to rig the cable oneself then you shouldn’t need a rigger. If however you are attempting a cable dolly shot at height or over people then we recommend a qualified rigger. We have a list of experienced riggers should you require one.

How much does it weigh?

The cable dolly fully loaded with a full ENG camera, such as the Panasonic P2 Varicam, weighs under 16kgs. With a smaller camera it would obviously be lighter.

How long does the battery last and how many batteries are supplied?

We supply 3 batteries with each MPH cable dolly kit. As a rough guide, a 3ah 24 volt battery will do at least 3 kilometres.

Do the shots need stabilising in post?

As with any grip equipment, it is often down to how it is driven. With a bit of practice perflectly smooth shots can be obtained even zooming in to 20 degree shot width. Requiring no post stabilisation.

Book it for your shoot

To take your shoot to the next level and book the MPH Cable Dolly get in touch today. We have multiple dollies if you wish to cover your event from every angle. Click here to ask us a question or make a booking.